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"Since arriving in town, Agami has become choreography's It girl."

​- Victoria Looseleaf of the LA Times



"Recently, this technological world we swim in made me miss the old primal magic; live music, human narratives, and live performance. Ate9 aims to remain somewhat “primitive” in that practice…We want to meet face to face, and enjoy the advantages of ongoing research, in a real space, with other artists”.


Along side Ate9’s repertoire Agami established her unique movement practice, Oomi, an endless opportunity for discovery in body and spirit. A citizen of three different counties, Agami’s multicultural flavor is evident in her methods - making many relate, and connect with her work."

Agami's most known artistic endeavor

After her signification 8 years with The Batsheva Dance Company, and her 12 years as an independent director in the U.S, Agami is ready to bring her craft to Europe.


Devoted to the education of professional dancers, and still fascinated by Live Performance, her company, Ate9 is expanding and will now practice in Europe.

Videos of Ate9

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