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Agami's Open Offering of Movement 

​Cultivating from her fine accumulating experiences, Agami is invested in the discovery of Oomi.
An articulated workout, based on meditative movement practice, that helps us express the
creative and inventive self. Oomi is in constant dialogue with physical and emotional research.
Leaning on a collaboration with the austheopath, Remi Bosarris, Oomi cares to listen to the
body, specify, and renew connection with ourselves and others.


This highly responsive, and inclusive research, helps us identify movement blockages, undo, and gain new habits! Increasing sense of confidence, bringing back excitement of ownership in body and mind.

Agami was sent to bring gaga to the U.S. in 2011. Her dialogue with Gaga is ongoing with commitment to honor and develop the method.


The workshop utilizes Oomi and Osteopathy to offer a detailed analytic experience by both Remi Osteopath D.O.® (Fr) and Danielle Agami, with  technique classes, creation process and improvisation sessions. These workshops are an intimate experience you don't want to miss.

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