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Her unique leadership and ability to cultivate excellence in others has brought her to the forefront of her profession. After 8 years dancing with Batsheva Dance Company where she was appointed rehearsal director from 2007-10, Agami went on to stage Ohad Naharin’s work with prominent companies around the country including Alvin Ailey and Atlanta Ballet. She frequently appears as a guest teacher at NYU Tisch, Juilliard, USC, and CalArts, among many others. Agami founded her company Ate9 in 2012 as a platform for innovative movement and artistic research. With Ate9 she has created over 8 complete works in addition to numerous site-specific performances and collaborations with local LA institutions including the LA Philharmonic, The Music Center, CAP UCLA, The Industry Opera, CalArts, and REDCAT. 

She received the 2018 Virginia B. Toulmin Fellowship for Women Leaders in Dance and the 2016 Princess Grace Award for Choreography, and was named Dance Magazine’s Top 25 to Watch in 2015. She won The Grand Prize for Best Choreography at The MCcallum Theater at Palm Desert in 2013 and 2014! 

Her recent works have included collaborations with Wilco percussionist Glenn Kotche, actor Jon Hamm, and Spanish singer/songwriter Russian Red. This fall she was invited by The English National Opera to choreograph a Philip Glass opera at The Coliseum in London. 

These days Agami is invested in making the first international involvement of Ate9 in Europe. Ate9 is expanding and influencing more dancers around the world. With many goals ahead the organization is committed to continue to support original creation and contemporary values for years to come. 

10th Season of Ate9

November 2021 > Joy

9th Season of Ate9

October 2020 > An Apology dance film

August 2020 > A Blind Lady dance film









8th Season of Ate9

Produced a film featuring the piece "A Blind Lady" (stylized as "a blind LAdy"), adapted from the stage version that debuted in February 2019 at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Film featuring a work written and choreographed by Agami, titled "An Apology"

Jan 2020 > New Work | Sadna of Gaaton

7th Season of Ate9

May 2019 > 1 to 3 | Performed at The Ruby Street- Los Angeles, CA

March 2019 > calling glenn | At The Institute of Contemporary Art- Boston, MA

Feb 2019 > calling glenn & the world premier of a blind LAdy |Performed at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts- Los Angeles, CA

Feb 2019 > calling glenn | performed in Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN

Nov 2018 > Framed | Performed in Varda Hall at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv, Israel

Nov 2018 > calling glenn | Presented by The Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University- Chicago, IL

Nov 2018 > calling glenn | Presented by The Schimmel Center at PACE University- New York City, NY

1 Oct 2018 > Old/News and Framed | Presented by TIOH Arts & Culture- Los Angeles, CA


6th Season of Ate9

Received the Virginia B. Toulmin Fellowship for Women Leaders in Dance, an award given in partnership with New York University's Center for Ballet and the Arts

Aug 2018 > Framed | Performed at FAC 122, Arizona State University- Tempe, AZ

June 2018 > Framed | Performed at the Kibbutz Ga'aton- Western Galilee, Israel

May 2018 > Framed | Performed at Performance Works NW- Portland, OR

May 2018 > Framed | World premier at the Jack Crystal Theatre, NYU Tisch School of the Arts- NY

Jan - May 2018 > Danielle Agami awarded a Virginia B. Toulmin Fellowship for Women Choreographers at the Center for Ballet and the Arts in New York City

Nov 2017 > calling glenn | Presented by CAP UCLA at Royce Hall- Los Angeles, CA

Aug 2017 > Ate9's Workshop | Collaboration with Conder Dance - Phoenix, AZ

July 2017 >  Vickie & EXHIBIT b | Presented by Jacob's Pillow - Becket, MA

July 2017 > EXHIBIT b | Presented by American Dance Festival - Durham, NC

5th Season of Ate9

June 2017 > Ate9's Summer Workshop | As part of DancEducation!

May 2017 > Vickie | Presented by Spring to Dance Festival, St. Louis, MO

Mar 2017 > calling glenn | Presented by Velocity Dance Center & The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA

Jan 2017 > Ate9's Winter Workshop | As part of DancEducation! 

Dec 2016 | The Niners (AteNine Dancers Create!) Los Angeles, CA

Nov 2016 > students dance! | Design for Sharing CAP UCLA, DancEducation activity

Nov 2016 > EXHIBIT b | Presented by The Grier School - Tyrone, PA

Nov 2016 > The 9Ball! | Gala!  Alexandria Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA

Oct 2016 > Queen George | Presented by HD Buttercup, Downtown LA

Sep 2016 > Play | Presented by LA Philharmonic @ The Hollywood Bowl!

Aug 2016 > EXHIBIT b | As part of a WAA showcase - Downtown LA

Aug 2016 > Vickie | Presented by WAA! @ RedCat - Downtown LA

July 2016 > Going Solo | presented by Conder Dance Fine Arts Center/Arizona State 

July 2016 > Ate9 Summer Workshop @ Arizona State University, AZ

July 2016 > Vickie & EXHIBIT b | Presented by RDT Rose Wagner Center, UT


4th Season of Ate9

Won the Princess Grace Award for choreography

June 2016 > Going Solo | Presented by Inside Out @ Jacob's Pillow - Becket, MA

June 2016 >  Ate9's summer workshop part of DancEducation! 

May 2016 > Going Solo | Collaboration with Live Arts LA, CA

Jan 2016 > Ate9's Winter workshop part of DancEducation! 

Jan 2016 > EXHIBIT b | Part of American Dance Platform @ The Joyce Theater, NYC

Nov 2015 > Hopscotch | Collaboration with The Industry Opera  - Downtown LA

Aug 2015 > mouth to mouth | Collaboration with Live Arts LA -  Los Angeles, CA

July 2015 > KELEV LAVAN | Moves After Dark by The Los Angeles Music Center 

3rd Season of Ate9

June 2015  > mouth to mouth | Presented by Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA

Mar 2015 > EXHIBIT b | Commissioned & presented by White Bird - Portland, OR

Feb 2015 > mouth to mouth | Presented by Dance Month - Houston, TX

Feb 2015 > mouth to mouth | Presented by Victoria Ballet Theatre - Victoria, TX 

Jan 2015 > Queen George | Collaboration with Think Tank Art Gallery -Downtown LA

Jan 2015  > Queen George | Commissioned by Santora Arts Building / Santa Ana, CA

Dec 2014 > mouth to mouth | Presented byTans Danz -  Atlanta, GA

Nov 2014 > mouth to mouth | Context Festival by Diana Vishneva - Moscow, Russia

Nov 2014 1st prize again!  | Annual Choreography competition at the McCallum Theatre | Excerpts from mouth to mouth

Nov 2014 > Exhibit O | Commissioned by CAP UCLA , Site Specific for UCLA

Nov 2014 > Exhibit O | Commissioned by CAP UCLA , Site Specific for UCLA

Aug 2014  > For Now | The Krupnick Festival @ The Wallis - Beverly Hills, CA

Aug 2014  > For Now | Commissioned by NOW Fest- RedCat, Downtown LA

2nd Season of Ate9

May 2014  > mouth to mouth | Peridance Capezio Center - NYC, NY

Apr/May 2014 > mouth to mouth | World Premiere @ LATC - Downtown LA

Apr 2014 > IN C  | Collaboration with The Industry Opera & The Hammer Museum LA

Flourish Foundation/Design for Sharing (UCLA) – Ate9‘s DancEducation program funded & performed in several high schools in Los Angeles, CA

Feb 2014 > EXHIBIT A | Chutzpah! Festival - Vancouver, B.C.

Feb 2014 > Sally meets Stu | Carpenter Performing Art Center - Long Beach, CA

Dec 2013 > Holiday Celebration  presented & commissioned by L.A. County

Nov 2013 > Invisible Cities | Collaboration; The Industry Opera & LA Dance Project

Nov 2013 1st prize! Award of $11,125.00 given to Ate9 @ Annual Choreography Festival at the McCallum Theatre | With excerpt from Sally Meets Stu

Oct 2013 > Sheila @ Grand Park ‘Got Moves’ lunchtime concerts! - Downtown LA

July 2013 > Collage for Conduit Dance - Portland, OR

1st Season of Ate9

July 2013 > Sally meets Stu | Cafe Fais-Dodo - Los Angeles, CA

July 2013 > Sally meets Stu | San Francisco Conservatory - San Francisco, CA 

Apr 2013 > Sheila | Art Share Gallery - Downtown LA

Mar 2013 > Tactics | Ate9's DancEducation initiative! - Mimoda Studio LA

Feb 2013 > Sally meets Stu | LA Theater Center - Downtown LA

Nov 2012 > Sally meets Stu | Presented by Arts Umbrella - Vancouver B.C 

Oct 2012 > Sheila | Site-specific | City Arts - Seattle, WA 

Aug 2012 > Sally meets Stu | World premiere, Velocity Dance Center - Seattle, WA


Founded Ate9

Residency from the Cornish College of the Arts for the Velocity Art Center


Taught Gaga dance at CalArts at the request of Ohad Naharin

Executive producer of Gaga USA


The rehearsal director of Batsheva Dance Company


Danced with the Batsheva Dance Company

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