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Voices from the Killing Jar

"Danielle Agami Goes Gaga With Long Beach Opera’s Pierrot lunaire"


Long Beach Opera

Jenny Wong, conductor

Kiera Duffy, soprano, Pierrot Lunaire

Laurel Irene, vocal artist, Voices from the Killing Jar

Danielle Agami, director/choreographer, Pierrot Lunaire

Zoe Aja Moore, director, Voices from the Killing Jar

Wild Up

Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY, Pierrot Lunaire

Why are women in opera so often depicted as prostitutes, sacrificial victims, or both? This double bill featuring solo operas written a century apart allows women to take control of their own narratives. In 1912, Arnold Schoenberg changed music forever with his atonal setting of 21 Symbolist poems for five instrumentalists and a female vocalist who is asked to perform something between speech and singing. A hundred years later, Kate Soper uses similar forces to bring to life eight famous women from world literature—from Don Giovanni to The Great Gatsby, from Shakespeare to Haruki Murakami—to unravel men’s depictions of women. Each work is a tour de force for vocalists who think far outside operatic conventions.​Produced in partnership with Long Beach Opera: Founded in 1979, the Long Beach Opera is the oldest operatic producing company in the metropolitan Los Angeles/Orange County region; its mission is to engage people through provocative meaningful experiences that challenge, connect, and inspire.

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