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Amir Raveh

Designer. furniture maker

Amir Raveh operates a design studio named Nagarya and is a partner in an upscale boutique carpentry workshop, in Tel Aviv. As a designer, he blends his twenty five years of experience as a carpenter with his soft spot for discarded objects and furniture. Raveh's scavenger inclination drives him to collect items that bear the scars of time and obviously their own history.

The compositions he creates confront those old objects with a new reality. He does not pour new wine into an old bottle, but rather unveils a new chapter of a forgotten book. Raveh's poetic and romantic touches are very often displayed with a tongue in the cheek attitude. His works navigate in the gap between utility and the autonomy of the art object.

Raveh's works have been exhibited in Tel Aviv, Berlin and Los Angeles and have served as sets for Dance performances by choreographers Ohad Naharin and Danielle Agami including the Queen George set.

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