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Danielle has a unique ability to take your idea and tell your story through movement

Volunteers of America: “The War Inside”

Agency: The Richards Group
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Producer: Matt Day
Choreographer: Danielle Agami
Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Wardrobe: Elise Velasco
Production Design: Susie Francis

Dancer: Jordan Lovestrand
Double: Joshua Bergner
Edit: Ellie Johnson @ Cartel
Color: Joseph Bicknell @Company3
VFX: Method Studios
Music: Mophonics
Sound Design: Ring The Alarm
Sound Mix: Therapy Studios

"Homesick" a film by Samantha Shay

Director: Samantha Shay
Production Company: Source Material
Director of Photography: Victoria Sendra
Movement and Choreography: Danielle Agami
Performers: Danielle Agami, Jordan Klitzke
Music by ZAAR

Stylist: Steinunn Eyja Halldórsdóttir

Editor: Samantha Shay
Color: Silvia Grav
Titles: FISK
Special Thanks: Casey Brooks,
Martin Cabejšek, and Sóley Stefánsdóttir,
and Vee’s Flowers, Inc.
​This film was funded by KODA KULTUR.

HOMESICK is a short dance film and a viscerally tangible story of a woman and her compulsive, introverted desire for connection. Starring dancer & choreographer Danielle Agami, with music by Sara Flindt (ZAAR) and Directed by Samantha Shay, Homesick is a cinematic interpretation of Agami’s solo performance “Framed”, which is centered around a break up, and the nomadic life of an artist. Not only a rounded portrait of a dancer, but of a woman inhabiting an ever evolving emotional environment, Homesick utilizes the medium of dance to externalise, express, and even explain the harmony, synchronicity, and stutter of the interpersonal.

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